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Welcome to a new and exciting web series that focuses on "green" and sustainable, businesses, groups and practices right here in the north state region of California. The goal is to showcase and connect environmental professionals, educators, and advocates, with a vision that provides dynamic information and community stories to the viewing audience.

Although this series is produced regionally, from the Sacramento region on up north into Southern Oregon, its message of how corporate commitment and individual spirit are making an imprint on a more sustainable future reaches beyond geographic borders. Our aim is to deliver a web/broadcast program that allows the viewer to see what is being done right... right here in our own corner of the world.

"Turning Green" will have a new 5-8 minute segment produced monthly and will be carried on this website (www.turninggreentv.com) in addition to other websites, YouTube, as well as public television stations in the near future.

Should you have any questions, thoughts or program ideas, please feel free to contact us. We welcome your input. And remember to "reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle".

Thank you Chico News and Review for the great article!

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Evergreen 6 is a dynamic, interactive sixth grade curriculum imbedded within the Paradise Intermediate School. Focused on environmental basics and real life applications e.g., composting, solar cooking, recycling basics and conservation activities...

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